General-purpose classes. More...


class  utl::Application
 Application base class. More...
class  utl::AutoPtr< T >
 A "smart" pointer that can also be dumb. More...
class  utl::CmdLineArgs
 Parse command-line arguments. More...
class  utl::FlagGuard
 Flag guard. More...
class  utl::LogMgr
 Manage application event logging. More...
class  utl::MaxObject
 Sentinel maximum value. More...
class  utl::NaturalOrdering
 Natural object ordering. More...
class  utl::InvertedNaturalOrdering
 Inverted natural object ordering. More...
class  utl::KeyOrdering
 Key-based object ordering. More...
class  utl::InvertedKeyOrdering
 Inverted key-based object ordering. More...
class  utl::TypeOrdering
 Order objects by type name first, and use the given ordering to compare objects of the same type. More...
class  utl::AddressOrdering
 Address-based object ordering. More...
class  utl::Pair
 Simple container for two objects. More...
struct  utl::Printf< T >
 Provide printf formatting strings for common types. More...


#define UTL_APP(appName)
 Declare a simple application. More...
 In DEBUG build, make sure no exception tries to escape deInit().


typedef double utl::double_t
 Floating-point value.
typedef unsigned char utl::byte_t
 Unsigned character.
typedef signed char utl::char_t
 Signed character.
typedef unsigned short utl::ushort_t
 Unsigned short integer.
typedef signed short utl::short_t
 Signed short integer.
typedef unsigned int utl::uint_t
 Unsigned integer.
typedef signed int utl::int_t
 Signed integer.
typedef unsigned long utl::ulong_t
 Unsigned long integer.
typedef signed long utl::long_t
 Signed long integer.
typedef unsigned char utl::uint8_t
 Unsigned 8-bit integer.
typedef signed char utl::int8_t
 Signed 8-bit integer.
typedef unsigned short utl::uint16_t
 Unsigned 16-bit integer.
typedef signed short utl::int16_t
 Signed 16-bit integer.
typedef unsigned int utl::uint32_t
 Unsigned 32-bit integer.
typedef signed int utl::int32_t
 Signed 32-bit integer.
typedef unsigned long utl::uint64_t
 Unsigned 64-bit integer.
typedef long utl::int64_t
 Signed 64-bit integer.


const MaxObject utl::maxObject
 Global instance of MaxObject.
const NaturalOrdering utl::naturalOrdering
 Global instance of NaturalOrdering.
const InvertedNaturalOrdering utl::invertedNaturalOrdering
 Global instance of InvertedNaturalOrdering.
const KeyOrdering utl::keyOrdering
 Global instance of KeyOrdering.
const InvertedKeyOrdering utl::invertedKeyOrdering
 Global instance of KeyOrdering.
const TypeOrdering utl::typeOrdering
 Global instance of TypeOrdering.
const AddressOrdering utl::addressOrdering
 Global instance of AddressOrdering.
const double_t utl::double_t_min
 Minimum double_t value.
const double_t utl::double_t_max
 Maximum double_t value.
const byte_t utl::byte_t_min
 Minimum byte_t value.
const byte_t utl::byte_t_max
 Maximum byte_t value.
const char_t utl::char_t_min
 Minimum char_t value.
const char_t utl::char_t_max
 Maximum char_t value.
const ushort_t utl::ushort_t_min
 Minimum ushort_t value.
const ushort_t utl::ushort_t_max
 Maximum ushort_t value.
const short_t utl::short_t_min
 Minimum short_t value.
const short_t utl::short_t_max
 Maximum short_t value.
const uint_t utl::uint_t_min
 Minimum uint_t value.
const uint_t utl::uint_t_max
 Maximum uint_t value.
const int_t utl::int_t_min
 Minimum int_t value.
const int_t utl::int_t_max
 Maximum int_t value.
const ulong_t utl::ulong_t_min
 Minimum unsigned long value.
const ulong_t utl::ulong_t_max
 Maximum unsigned long value.
const long_t utl::long_t_min
 Minimum long value.
const long_t utl::long_t_max
 Maximum long value.
const size_t utl::size_t_min
 Minimum size_t value.
const size_t utl::size_t_max
 Maximum size_t value.
const ssize_t utl::ssize_t_min
 Minimum ssize_t value.
const ssize_t utl::ssize_t_max
 Maximum ssize_t value.
const uint8_t utl::uint8_t_min
 Minimum uint8_t value.
const uint8_t utl::uint8_t_max
 Maximum uint8_t value.
const int8_t utl::int8_t_min
 Minimum int8_t value.
const int8_t utl::int8_t_max
 Maximum int8_t value.
const uint16_t utl::uint16_t_min
 Minimum uint16_t value.
const uint16_t utl::uint16_t_max
 Maximum uint16_t value.
const int16_t utl::int16_t_min
 Minimum int16_t value.
const int16_t utl::int16_t_max
 Maximum int16_t value.
const uint32_t utl::uint32_t_min
 Minimum uint32_t value.
const uint32_t utl::uint32_t_max
 Maximum uint32_t value.
const int32_t utl::int32_t_min
 Minimum int32_t value.
const int32_t utl::int32_t_max
 Maximum int32_t value.
const uint64_t utl::uint64_t_min
 Minimum uint64_t value.
const uint64_t utl::uint64_t_max
 Maximum uint64_t value.
const int64_t utl::int64_t_min
 Minimum int64_t value.
const int64_t utl::int64_t_max
 Maximum int64_t value.

Detailed Description

General-purpose classes.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define UTL_APP (   appName)
class appName : public utl::Application \
{ \
UTL_CLASS_DECL(appName, utl::Application); \
public: \
virtual int run(int argc = 0, char** argv = nullptr); \
}; \
virtual int run(int argc=0, char **argv=nullptr)=0
Run the application.
Application base class.
Definition: Application.h:26

Declare a simple application.

It is appropriate for short, simple applications such as example programs.

Definition at line 57 of file Application.h.